Eagle Health Provides Leading Professional, Administrative,
and Management Support Services

Eagle Health is an ANC small business headquartered in Manassas, VA. Our team has over 40 years combined experience providing Program Management, Administrative and Professional Support Services, Facility Support Management, and Management Support. Our area of expertise lies in our ability to provide capable, competent, and committed professionals with a wide range of knowledge and skills needed to deliver our services. We have exceptional past performance credentials and are strategically aligned with respected names in the industry. At Eagle Health, our goal is simple – to help you accomplish your mission objectives successfully, on time, and within budget. Our strength is in our experience and commitment to excellence through all of the services we provide.

Every corporate and government entity faces strategic objectives laced with hurdles that require balancing limited resources against potential rewards. Eagle Health understands the objectives, concepts and interrelationships required to achieve the business and financial objectives. We continually strive to provide business strategies, solutions, and services with unparalleled quality and service by offering full-service professional, administrative, and clerical services for complex and mission-critical projects as well as concentrating on recruiting well-qualified professional and administrative talent.

We value teamwork, initiative, commitment, hard work, and customer satisfaction. We work with our clients as a fully integrated member of the team and understand the high priority of their tasks. Eagle Health’s strategy is to meet the needs of our clients and exceed their expectations by using our customer-focused and performance-based processes.

Eagle Health has built a reputation for providing unmatched service because of the professionalism of our team; commitment to quality customer service and our ability to execute on every assignment – every time.

Eagle Health proactively manages the account through regularly scheduled meetings, coordinating with local offices and affiliates, and handling all administrative matters. Through our dedicated customer service team, our clients enjoy:

  • complete project management
  • single point of contact to coordinate all customer requirements
  • standardization of policies and procedures
  • centralized billing
  • unwavering commitment to quality


Records Management (RM)

Eagle Health possesses a comprehensive breadth of experience in records management. We are adept at managing unclassified programmatic and administrative records and compliance needs via the IBM FileNet® P8 suite of products.

Eagle Health provides ongoing governance for records to help ensure that they remain complete, easily accessible, trusted, accurate, and compliant.

We work with agencies to verify that the records management programs have sufficient policies, processes, and procedures for managing active records; ensure that the storage of inactive records meet regulatory standards; records are adequately maintained and managed; and ensure that temporary and permanent records are being handled according to their approved retention schedules.

Microfiche Scanning

Eagle Health will scan your microfiche records (16MM, 35MM, COM, Jacketed, and Step & Repeat) at our Cape Fox Records Center (CFRC) facility.  We will convert the microfiche into a Tagged Image File Format (TIFF).  We then zone images for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) conversion to create searchable American Standard Code of Information Exchange (ASCII) text.  We can also switch from TIFF to a Portable Document Format (PDF) for the archival storage of images and OCR text.

Document Processing Support Services Include

  • Document Processing Support
  • Scanning Microfiche
  • Project Management
  • Document Preparation
  • Document Scanning/Imaging
  • Text Conversion
  • Document Indexing
  • Document Distribution
  • Replicating Publicly Available Documents
  • Filing Official Agency Records
  • Document Retrofit
  • Database Cleanup